3% Real E$tate

3% Commission Sells Your House

The Time is Right for 3% Real E$tate

The Winds of Change are Blowing

The way people buy and sell Real Estate is transforming in front of our very eyes.  The digital marketplace is re-shaping the industry. 

Technology Propels Innovation

Emerging technology has reduced the number of work hours required to complete a Real Estate transaction.  More can be done in less time.

Real Estate’s Dirty Little Secret

The traditional commission arrangement has been lucrative for Real Estate agents but it has been a bad deal for home sellers. 

Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management

3% Commission - Why Pay Anymore?

We offer the exact same services as the other guys; your home will be listed on MLS and all the top websites. The only difference between us and them is the money you will save when you use 3% Real E$tate.

Search properties - buy with us and save!

Use our comprehensive search tool to find your ideal property.  Have some fun; go see what's out there.  3% Real Estate offers a commission rebate when you purchase through us!  

Asset Managment - Poperty Management

Through our affiliate, Gemstone Properties, LLC,  we manage vacation homes and residential investment properties.  Since 1999 Gemstone has helped investors leverage maximum return from their Real Estate assets.  


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3% Real E$tate

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Meet the Team

David Thomas

David is our Hunters Creek and residential specialist.  David's strength is his organizational ability which more than likely steams from his background as an electrical engineer.  

The Team

Luis Casanova (back middle) and our office team.  Luis works primarily with oversees investors representing dozens of clients from south America, Canada and the UK.  Luis is bilingual.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is our transaction expert having represented dozens of sellers over the last 16 years.  Michael is also an accomplished musician occasionally performing in the area.